Current students co-supervised

Richard McLellan (MS student), Charles Sturt University

Leanne Greenwood (PhD student), Charles Sturt University

I am currently looking for a new research student to work me with at the University of Southern Queensland.

If you are interested please contact me.

Previous students co-supervised


Gabriel Brown (2019) Honours student, First Class Honours,

Charles Sturt University​

Kris Mallinson (2019) Honours student, First Class Honours

Charles Sturt University​

I lead the following courses

Sustainable Resource Use (REN3302)

This course is based on an explanation of ecological principles as a basis for managing Australia's land and water resources sustainably. Current approaches to land and resource use are evaluated in terms of their contribution to a sustainable Australian society.

Sustainability Science (REN8203)

This course provides an overview of the theory of sustainability and the emergence of new approaches and narratives when addressing complex environmental issues. 

I teach into the following courses

Environmental Studies (REN1201)

This course focuses on ecological principles for thinking about the environment, the links between society and environmental exploitation and the development of ecologically sustainable development.

Ecology for Sustainability (REN2200)

Ecology and conservation are closely related scientific disciplines that explore the very nature of life in terms of the distribution and abundance of organisms and interactions between organisms and their environment. This course provides a foundation in general ecological concepts and principles relevant to the sustainable management.

Environment, Society and Sustainability (REN8101)

This course provides a general introduction and overview of the emergence of environmental issues at the global scale and covers such topics as the physical environment, biological diversity, and human impact on the natural environment. 

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